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GlobalArts to Go was started in 2005 with the vision to use cultural arts and education as creative, accessible tools to bring people together. Today, we are proud to share that our diverse team of 70 (and growing) talented specialists have worked with thousands of children and adults in every type of community setting imaginable. From beaches & parks…to schools…and sky-scrapers, GlobalArts to Go has enriched the lives of diverse audiences of all ages. We travel to different communities and bring our unique, custom-designed experiences to clients for single visits, or on-going residencies. 

Our specialists include multicultural & diversity educators, world music artists, dance/movement specialists, visual artists, drum circle facilitators, social workers, conflict resolution mediators, health & fitness experts, capoeira & martial artists , theater artists, storytellers, teambuilding coaches, environmental educators, youth activists, composers, craftspeople, product developers, multi-media specialists, curriculum developers, authors, holistic health practitioners, webinar designers and more! 

We speak over 40 languages and use creative ways to connect with audiences of all abilities, backgrounds and learning levels.  We hope that you will find an opportunity for GlobalArts to Go to come visit you soon! 


Founders Message

My multicultural path in life was carved out a long time ago. I was conceived in Japan, and while awaiting my late arrival into the world, my parents attended an African concert with Babatunde Olatunji in NYC. This planted the seed for my love of all things cultural and experiential learning. At 3 1/2, I asked to take piano lessons. At 6, my parents brought me and my sister to Europe. At 16, I lived in Spain and at 17, I lived in Japan as a High School AFS exchange student. After college, I helped produce a world percussion tribute for Baba Olatunji and was honored to meet him. These "coincidences" keep happening, so I suppose I am following my destiny to reach out and touch the world. 

I was fortunate to have parents, an older sister and mentors early on in life. They gave me encouragement and the confidence to connect with other people and places globally. Not everyone has that good fortune, or ever will. I want to pass that gift along to others. 

I believe in my heart that every person (especially children) deserves a chance to experience, explore and connect with the world -- whether they leave their own community or not. With those experiences, comes knowledge and power. Power to know who we are - power to tap into our potential and most importantly, power to connect with others. I invite you to take this journey with me and see where in the world we end up! I wish you all safe travels and joy along the way.

In peace, Emi Gittleman, Founder & Executive Director

Read Emi Gittleman's Biography


This month's feature is...

The Get Empowered! Program

Since our launch of Get Empowered! in January 2015, we have expanded to 12 weekly Residency Sites serving kids ages 7 - 16 in school, after-school, homeless shelters, a center for children of incarcerated parents and several community based settings in CA and NYC. 

Get Empowered! is for kids and adults! In the corporate world,   we have provided conference presentations and trained over 580 Business Leaders, Non-Profit Groups and Educators. Our goal is help create a culture of empowerment for all!

We are proud to collaborate with, and grateful for generous funding support from TDA Inc.

Interested in a Get Empowered program? Contact us!

Interested in donating, sponsoring or helping to support our DONATION OUTREACH programs? Contact us!

Our core values are to encourage, model and inspire:  Joy - Respect - Wisdom - Confidence - Creativity - Team Work & Energy

For More Information, visit www.getempowered.life

Some of our Get Empowered! partner sites include:

~Aspire Triumph Technology School (Oakland, CA)

~CAMBA Inc (Brooklyn, NY)

~Flagstone Community & Homeless Shelter (Brooklyn, NY)

~Dodge and Bronx YMCAs of NY

~Children of Promise (Brooklyn, NY) *serving children of incarcerated parents


From our students:

"I feel alive!" - Leo (Age 15)

"I feel accepted just the way I am." - Ariel (Age 10)

"I don't feel stressed or overwhelmed everyday , now I know how to get myself calm & feel happy." - Josefina (Age 12)

"I am not afraid of bullies anymore. We all are different and that's a good thing." -Jorge (Age 14)

From Our Client Partners:

"You and your amazing artists are an unbelievable gift to the after school world. Such an amazing staffing solution and such quality services and support! Thank you for always being there! Our youth have immensely enjoyed your programming!"-Ms. Shane Tate, Director of Education at Directions For Our Youth, Inc. NYC, NY

"We can always count on Global Arts to Go to create and deliver outstanding, unique, and memorable activities from around the world for our youth, families and Staff. They are our partners in education for Staff Training along with year-round enrichment, entertainment and special events. Everything has a positive and inclusive energy to it. It hasn't even been a week and we are already missing all the fun Global Arts to Go brought to our Summer Camp!We can't wait for more together soon." - Frankie Barretta, Director, Youth and Family, YMCA of Greater New York-Dodge



Highlights from GATGO's 2015 SUMMER & FALL:


3,200 youth

Trained 1,900 Directors, Site Managers and  Camp Counselors

Provided entertainment for 14 family events and parties

Presented workshops and provided emtertainment for 3 summer business conferences


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